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How To Find The Salvage Value Of Unused Cars

Misfortunes happen for everyone while driving a car on the roads. More often, the collision’s speed determines the damages of your vehicle wherein the safety of you and other passengers is the prime concern. Also, you are bound to be concerned about your ill-fated damaged car. When it becomes totally damaged beyond repair, it will be deemed as a total loss for you.  Why to know the value of your damaged car? As per the experts from the used cars in phoenix is knowing your salvaged vehicle’s value is not easy. However, you can determine your car’s value in order to get a fair settlement from the insurance company.

Read further to know some of the useful methods by which you can determine your damaged or junk car salvage value. There is no set of calculations available in the industry when it comes to determining the value of the damaged or salvaged cars. However, a few basic methods can be used to determine the approximate salvage value for your damaged car.

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Determining the salvage value

Standard method that is used widely for determining the value is given under:

Determining value based on a non-salvaged price value: For using this method, you need to know the year and model number of your car which can be found in the car’s manual given at the time of purchase. You can also find it from the salvage title itself. Since the prices vary each year, you need to find specific information about your salvaged vehicle. More often, the title should offer all the information required in determining the value of your junk car. One can also hire a certified valuator to get the nearest value of the unused car as the expert knows the current market trends.

By using the above-referred guideline, you are sure to determine the salvage value of your damaged car. As explained by some of the agencies who operate with the title ‘sell my junk car for cash’, you can negotiate with your insurance agent to get the right salvage price. By making some legitimate claims such as modifications, accessories, lower mileage etc., you are sure to get a higher evaluation for your damages car in your favor.