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How to Get Rid of Yellow Area on Carpet After Cleaning a Spot

How to Get Rid of Yellow Area on Carpet After Cleaning a Spot

Much of the carpet cleaning that we do on a more or less regular basis will eschew advanced techniques in favor of quick once overs with vacuum cleaners and the occasional spot cleaning if a stain is left beyond due to spillage and the like. We just don’t need to think about deep cleaning all that often, and in most cases vacuum will remove much of the debris that was making your carpet so dirty in the first place.

However, there will be times when the stains that your carpet gets would be so severe and potent that you need to level up your carpet cleaning humble if you want any chance of tackling it. Sometimes when you try to clean this spot, a whole yellow area might emerge that would be ten times its size, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you would be ripping your hair out for lack of anything better to do. That said, this yellow area is actually a fairly easy thing to remedy without a shadow of a doubt.

You probably spot cleaned this stain by spraying it with shampoo and then spread it around, and this might have broken the dirt apart but it didn’t actually remove it. Combining a small amount of vinegar with a lot of water and then spraying this on the yellowed out patch from a distance should help you work towards fixing your mistake. You should let the vinegar dry and then apply steam to loosen it back up after which you can use your vacuum cleaner to actually extract the particles from the rug.