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The Reality About Root Canal Therapy

The Reality About Root Canal Therapy

Many people have to undergo root canal treatment due to the death of a nerve in the cavity inside the tooth. The tooth is hollow when it erupts and contains nerve tissue, blood vessels, and calcium-depositing cells in the pulp chamber and an extension of the pulp chamber along the roots.

A tooth can die for various reasons.

Normally, the nerves in the teeth do not cause pain, but when the tooth is damaged, severely decayed, or has other problems, the root of the tooth can become irritated and tender, causing pain and possibly other complications. The therapy will save the tooth when the nerve is removed, so there will be no pain. All teeth have at least one root canal, and some may have three or four, depending on tooth type, size, and other factors. The nerve and other tissues are removed from the root during this treatment, and this will prevent future problems or tooth loss.

root canal singapore therapy, or endodontic treatment, is done when contamination or damage is causing problems inside the tooth. The nerve tissue inside teeth also contains blood vessels and other structures that help keep teeth strong and healthy. When damage or infection causes contamination inside the tooth, nerve tissue is affected, which can cause various symptoms, including pain, fever, and severe infection. With this therapy, debris and nerve tissue must be removed from the root canals, and then the tooth must be filled to prevent contamination, pain, infection, or other problems.

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Without root canal treatment, the affected tooth must be removed, but with this treatment, you can prevent tooth loss or gaps in your smile. Many dentists will not extract a tooth if this treatment is possible, while others leave the final decision to the patient. When the treatment is completed, the cost will vary depending on the specific number of root canals. You will pay more if your tooth has multiple root canals. Cleaning and sealing the inside of the tooth offers many benefits over simply extracting the tooth, and many dental insurance plans cover at least part of the cost of treatment. It can help make the cost more affordable if you have this type of coverage.

Root canal therapy usually requires more than one visit and may require several visits before completing the process. The dentist will need to clean each root canal of your tooth, which can take a long time. After the inner chamber of the tooth and all available channels are thoroughly cleaned, the tooth will be filled. Before cleaning, the dentist will take X-rays to determine the exact number and length of the root.


The dentist will usually also anesthetize it and then drill a hole in the tooth to take a sample of the internal tissue. It will help your dentist determine whether root canal treatment is the best option.