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What is the process required to get the food license.

What is the process required to get the food license.

In now a days food business is the leading one as everyone is busy in their day to day life. Some companies made people lazy by delivering the prepared food at your doorstep. The food that we have ordered will appear more tasty than the food that we prepared. This is one of the reason fi preferring the outside food. Usually people go out side for the food when they meet their old friends and when ever you go to the place where you won’t find any people that are well known to you. If you go to outdoor stations for any trip or for any tour then you have to eat food in the hotels without having any option. You have to take care while eating food outside as they will use various types of oils which usually use at your home. By consumption of all those products your health will detoriate and it will take some time to get back to the normal health. Now you can get one question that what is the process to start a hotel. Starting a hotel is not a easy thing as you may required to get permission form the concerned food department like 토토먹튀사이트.

What are the documents required to get food license.

  • To start a hotel you have to get all the required permissions form the good safety department like 토토먹튀사이트. You have to apply for the license in the website or you can directly have tem by contacting their office.
  • You have to explain them why you are going to start a food business. They will ask you about all the details regarding your hotel and what type of food that you are going to provide for the people.
  • They will have an enquiry about the products that are using to prepare the food and they will conduct examination on the products that are there in your hotel. After the examination results if they won’t find any harmful products in your material then they will proceed for the further process.
  • After the verification of the food products they will inspect the place that you are going to start the hotel. There they will check about the water purity and the hygiene of the hotel. You have to provide them assurance about the hygiene of your hotel and what are all the products that you are used to clean the hotel.
  • They will do enquiry about the rates of your hotel. It should be matched with the quality and quantity of the food. You cant keep the rates of your hotel on your wish because there are some regulations for the prices. It should be match with the locality where you are going to start the hotel.
  • The price should be in limit and you have to provide the quality food for the rates that you are charging for.


After all the completion of the process then the food safety department will give license to run the hotel.